Sunday, January 27, 2008

Personality and Temperament - Part 1

I was exposed to Personalities and Temperaments since my early twenties. The information I obtained from the book I purchased was absolutely life changing, which I later gave to my sister before she left for Australia. It has been an information I used throughout my life. It not only helped me understand my bosses, colleagues, boyfriends, friends, family members, husband, now my children but also about myself.

I will not describe the details here but I suggest that you read it from this website. Don't forget to take the personality test. Following are the 4 basic personality:
  1. Sanguine
  2. Choleric
  3. Melancholic
  4. Phlegmatic
In the test, I am 20% Phlegmatic, 55% Sanguine, 13% Choleric. Therefore, I am a Sanguine Phelgmatic. My husband is for sure a Melancholic because we are direct opposites. According to the experts, opposite attracts. But sometimes they attack too!

Knowing the Personality Traits and Temperaments of the people we are closest to, helps us to understand their behaviour and quirks, therefore, giving them the benefit-of-the-doubt when they act or speak in a seemingly hurting way. We are all born with a main personality which will remain for the rest of our lives. We might improve or change a little here and there as we go along. But its doubtful that a Melancholic can become a Sanguine. Unless she or he experienced a trauma.

Go through the test and let me know what your Personality Traits is / are.

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