Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chores, Chores and More Chores

The part-time maid is gone again. She was probably here for a few times and now has found a new job with a Brazilian family in Pattaya. Sigh.

She usually wipes the windows, washes the floor, cleans the toilet, wipe the dust from furnitures and etc. Mostly cleaning and washing.

So, we are back to our schedule for cleaning: Joel (vacuum, mop, washing plates) and Ethaniel (Mopping staircase, washing plates (sometimes), hanging up the clothes (sometimes) ) and the rest is covered by me.

When Mom was visiting, she helped with some of the chores and we had a relaxing time... But now she has gone back to Malaysia, its back to chores and now that the part-time maid is also gone....

The children has been helpful and so far, they have been doing their chores without much complain and to shock me, even with enthusiasm!

Ethaniel have to stand on stool to wash the plates

Yes, heaps of plates!

Sometimes, I have to re wash the plates but its basically training him to do chores

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