Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Its A Huge Blogger's World Out There

I started blogging for the purposes of
  • noting events in my family and personal life
  • leaving a historical trail for my children and hopefully grandchildren
  • keeping families and friends informed re the happenings of our lives
and the latest reason
  • my hobby
I think the above reasons pretty much covered why I am now a blogger. Since yesterday, I have been surfing other blogger's sites and realised that blogging is a HUGE thing. They have awards and nominations for being the Best Blogger blah blah blah. My goodness, this might lead to obsession! I hope it won't. Joel will beg to differ. He has been complaining that I have been spending too much time on the computer. I said, its my hobby NOT addiction. Its a little thin line. I know. I often lecture them on their addiction of TV, playing and etc. It takes an Addict to be able to identify an Addict?

It has been a real wonderful outlet since I started blogging. Being a stay-home-Mom cum homeschooler in Bangkok is .... how should I put it... without sounding too negative.... CHALLENGING. Yes, that's the word. The city is so large that it takes at least 30 mins drive to meet my nearest friend, baby-sitter is non-available, taxi is easily accessible but cumbersome, waiting for hubby to return home with car - its getting late and not to mention traffic jam.

So, blogging is such a cheap hobby! Low maintenance and extremely satisfying. In between typing, I can cook, wash the dishes, hang the clothes, feed the children, clean the house, meet-the-hubby-at-the-door-when-he-comes-homes, nap and watch TV too! So, if you are looking for a hobby, I highly recommend blogging.

I am not aspiring to get some kind of nomination award, not now anyway. I just hope that my families and friends will come and visit my blog to keep in touch, every now and then. Sound so humble, eh?

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