Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Victorious Day!

Joel was feeling ill this morning, so I took him to the hospital. In Thailand, all expats visits the hospitals unlike Malaysia. In Malaysia, we never go to the hospital unless for surgery or hospitalisation. Its different in Thailand. The local clinics may not be able to speak English, therefore, it makes it difficult to communicate.

Our normal hospital is Thai Nakarin Hospital in Bang Na. Its a very large hospital, the nurses and doctors is able to converse in English (not all of them), they also have translators (for a fee) and looks more like a hotel than a hospital. Many of the hospitals in Bangkok, looks like that, very nice.

The children enjoys visiting this hospital because there is a very nice playground in the paediatric section.

The play area

This is the first time we are visiting this Doctor. Upon entering her room, she had a very serious face and without a smile (this is not normal), I tried to explain to her about Joel's condition but she kept butting in and did not allow me to finish my explanation. Without going too much into details, she was trying to belittle me with her facial expressions, her sarcastic remarks and was not interested to listen to any of my explanations. She was obviously impatient, sarcastic and rude.

I endured her 'attitude' for a few minutes and eventually stopped her and told her off. In summary, I said that I will go to the next doctor if she is unwilling to treat my son and I am not willing to tolerate the way she talks to me. We had a little squabble because she was still not willing to listen till I raised my voice and insisted she 'hold her horses'. She eventually toned down and even managed a smile.

Its a very monumental day for me. I am totally proud of myself. Let me tell you why, in my previous blog about "Boundaries". In the past, I would have ignored her but quietly resented her attitude. But today, I stood my ground and drew the boundaries. If she did not stop her attitude, I would have walked out.
I decide how others can and should treat me. Its a lesson which I know God is trying to reinforce in my life. I should not allow people to "walk all over me".

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