Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Left Brain and Right Brain Test

I was checking out one of the blog and came across this test. It was really simple. According to the test, I am Right Brain.

I asked Joel and Ethaniel to take the test. Ethaniel is a Rigth Brain because he saw the lady turning clockwise. Joel on the other hand saw it turning anti-clockwise and then clockwise. He insisted that the lady kept changing positions!!

I explained to him that if he sees her turning clockwise then he is Right Brain and if she turns anti-clockwise, he is Left Brain. But, how do you explain it if he see her changing position every few seconds??

Me: So, do you see it moving anti-clockwise or clockwise?

Joel: I see it keep changing positions!

Me: Huh? Maybe you are.... (didn't get to finish my sentence)

Joel: FULL Brain!

Now, that's original.


Stacia said...

I really love Joel's answer. I also saw the doll keep changing the direction of spinning..

Eagles' Wings said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. So now I know two "full brain" person! Leave me your website, I will visit you too ;-)