Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Cruel Things My Children Do To Me

This is a list which I will collate as I go along. So, there will be many different parts.


Ethaniel and I was in the toilet washing our hands. After finishing, I wanted to pee. Ethaniel insisted on peeing first and I had to cross my legs and kept telling him, "I am desperate, quickly!" The more I said it, the longer he took. Joel came running and said, "I want to pee, too".

Ethaniel said, "Come Koh Koh and join me to pee!" Eventhough Ethaniel had finished, he was still standing over the toilet bowl, as if urinating. Whilst I am behind them crossing my legs, they were hilariously laughing and taking their own sweet time.

When my turn came, it was a relieve but I could hear their victorious laughs outside the toilet door. Such sadist.


Whichever part of the house I am in, Joel and Ethaniel often like to frighten me. They will often stand behind doors, cupboards, cars, under tables and etc. They usually hide in dark places and screams out loud, "Aaaahhhh!" So, very often I will jump due to the loud noise and at their abrupt presence. They often burst out in laughters, holding their stomach and catching their breaths.

No wonder whenever I pass doors, cupboards and dark corridors, I will unconsciously peep to see if anyone is there. Very often I jump abruptly when my husband walks up to me from behind. All the trauma my children has inflicted on me!


"Shut up" is one of the many words banned in our home. Yesterday, I was very upset due to something that the children said and I said, "shut up!". The children was smart enough not to correct me immediately knowing that I was upset. They knew I said "the banned word" but kept quiet anyway.

Later, when Ivan came back, he asked if the children were well behaved today. If yes, they will get a treat! Ethaniel said "Yes! But Mommy cannot have it because she deserves a 'rotan' for saying a bad word!"


Ethaniel takes my padded bra, uses one side of the cup and covers it over his mouth and pretends that its an oxygen mask cum face mask. He then proceeds to breath in deeply.


They have burnt one of my panty.

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