Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We Successfully Travelled Thailand by Car

21 December 07 to 1 January 08

It's a historical moment for the Chong family! We have successfully traveled half of Thailand with two maps (Thinknet & another large scale map purchased from a local bookshop & 7 Eleven respectively) which cost B550, a Mazda Tribute and limited Thai language!!!

We didn't have to ask for directions at all because the map provided excellent information. The road signs was in English, therefore, we could read.

So bravo to Ivan's great ability in reading maps and navigation and my limited Thai language. We often got local price for entrance fees to National Park due to my ability to speak Thai ;-). Saved a lot of monies there.

Another great victory, we ate out throughout the trip and none of us fell ill due to food poisoning. In fact, all of us enjoyed the food tremendously!


CY said...

Wah, looks like you guys have travelled a lot already woh, jealous only. by the way, can u send my sean's handphone thru my mail? I lost my handphone during countdown and have lost all the numbers, including yours. Cheers.

The Laus frm BkkVilla said...

Wah lao! Jin jia ho. Bear-lih-good.

Anonymous said...

did you rent a much it cost for one day.

Eagles' Wings said...

We had our own car but you can rent a car and drive by yourself. Alternatively,you can rent a van with a driver.