Friday, January 11, 2008

Thailand vs Malaysia - Part 3

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  • Thailand: Things in Supermarket e.g. Tesco is often more expensive than those sold by small shops and stalls.
  • Malaysia: Things in hypermarkets like Carrefour, Giant, Tesco is often cheaper than the small grocery shops in residential areas.
  • Thailand: Toilets are clean wherever you go in Thailand. Whether its petrol stations, restaurants, coffee shops, highway stops or hilltribes area.
  • Malaysia: You rarely find a clean toilet unless its your own home or a 3-5 star hotel.
  • Thailand: Price of mineral water - 500 ml is the same everywhere with a difference of B5 (RM0.50) more or less when sold in 7 Eleven or stalls. Its the same even when you go to touristic places like Dreamworld, Grand Palace, etc. The price is generally B10 (RM1) per bottle.
  • Malaysia: Price of mineral water is reasonable at most places but becomes unbearably expensive when you go to touristic places like Sunway Lagoon, Genting Highlands, etc.
  • Thailand: You get to eat pork at every restaurant and shop, including McDonalds.
  • Malaysia: You get to eat pork only at Chinese restaurants.
  • Thailand: You see dogs everywhere e.g. restaurants, hotels, shopping complexes. You see them as personal pets and strays on the roadside.
  • Malaysia: Dogs are not allowed in public places. Only in homes.
  • Thailand: Its common to be approached by a beautiful looking lady and later discover the person is not a 'she' but a 'he'.
  • Malaysian: Never had a personal encounter in all my life.
  • Thailand: When you need to repair and service your car, you have to go back to the Service Centre of your car e.g. Toyota, Mazda, Honda. Local mechanic shops are not readily available even if they are, its more expensive.
  • Malaysia: Cheaper to repair cars at the local mechanic shops and its readily available.

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