Thursday, January 3, 2008

Free Toll (an oxymoron)

End of the year are busy time for Thais. Everyone goes away for holiday due to the school holidays, public holidays and the cool nice weather. So, its full of traffic on the road, more than usual.

We went through the toll plaza on the Outer Ring road on 1 Jan 2008 and was shocked that it was not operating. It had a huge sign that says "Free Toll: 29 Dec 2007 to 3 Jan 2008". There was no traffic jam as expected and largely due to the non operating toll plaza.

Ivan commented, "Malaysia should learn from the Thais on this one!"

Remember all the traffic jams on Kesas, LDP, etc. due to the toll plaza? Well, I must say that the Thailand Road Transport are very considerate to their people. In fact, there are NO TOLL from Outer Bangkok to North or South of Thailand. There are only tolls in and around the city of Bangkok.

That's a plus point for Thailand.

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CY said...

Yeah, it is, isn't it? Reason No 2 is because they dont wanna jam up the wholehighway as they are expecting lots of traffic coming in and out. Its already darn cheap travelling on the ORR and when its cheap..well, what can I say? Ask Samy Vellu if he can give u free or not?